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  • car light tint vinyl
    car light tint vinyl
    car light tint vinyl
    car light tint vinyl
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  • car headlight tailight tint vinyl

    High quality / Low price / Always in stock / Large volume

    Here we offer car light tint Vinyl product which features high quality glue. Look at our product photos and description, we use our own copyrighted stock photographs that are representing exactly what we sell. We do share upon request stock photos with returning costumers. Wish you a pleasant experience with us. Buy with confidence our Car Wrapping Films .

    • Environmental safe / Nontoxic
    • Flexible, stretchable with heat, can be applied to moderate curves without
      problems, and easy to stick and if needed peel and stick again to any smooth,
      clean, and flat surface
    • Easy to install / DIY
    • Coated with UV protective layer
    • Durable material resistant to water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acid and oil
    • Can be easily cleansed with water, for tougher stains we recommend using a
      non-abrasive soap with water.
    • Can be easily removed without leaving trace or damage / Will not harm
      painted surface of vehicle

    Simply install it like any other wrap vinyl product. Used for cars,We recommend experimenting with our products, and welcome new
    ideas for usage.  There are new uses invented daily besides mainly using for Car Body wrapping.

    The strengths of the car light tint vinyl are:

    1.self adhesive
    2.no residual leave when removing
    3.3 layer

     Installing way:


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